Deja Brew

Music Calendar

patscutari @ 8:01 am

Sat. 9/13
“The Wildcat O’Halloran Band”  9-11:30 pm

Not your father’s Blues Band!!

Sun. 9/14 “Crow’s Rebellion” – 8-10:30 pm 

Steve Crow (electric guitar, vocal), Peter Kim (bass) and Joe Fitapatrick (drums).   –  Warped Americana

Mon. 9/15 – OPEN
Free Slice with every Drink Night!

Tue. 9/16 – OPEN
Free Slice with every Drink Night!

Wed. 9/17 – OPEN

Thur. 9/18
“Tommy Filiault Trio”  - 8-10:30 pm

Original Guitar Music

Fri. 9/19
“Dynamite Johnny” – 9-11:30 pm

John Clark, Guy DeVito & Billy Klock

Sat. 9/20
“Ye Ol’ Lysergic Duo”  - 9-11:30 pm

Psychedelic Folk Duo playing your 60′s favorites

Sun. 9/21
“John Sheldon” –  8-10 pm

Come enjoy the amazing talent of John Sheldon up close & personal

Mon. 9/22 – OPEN
Free Slice with every Drink Night!

Tue. 9/23 – OPEN
Free Slice with every Drink Night!

Wed. 9/24 – OPEN

Thur. 9/25
“Blue Pearl”- 8-10pm


Fri. 9/26
“Dimma Dim”  9-11:30pm

Dan Putnam’s new band playing Rock, Reggae & Funk

Sat. 9/27 “The Reprobate Blues Band”  9-11:30pm

Blues Baby, Blues!!

Mon.  9/29
“All Small Caps”-  7-10pm
A Night of Spoken Word

Doors open at 7 pm. Open mic portion of the reading will begin at 7:30, featured readers to follow. Pub menu available until 9 pm. So bring your ears, love of poetry, and appetites for an enjoyable evening.  All welcome.

Tue. 9/30 – OPEN
Free Slice with every Drink Night!

Wed. 10/1 – OPEN

Thurs. 10/2
“The Roosters” 8-10:30 pm

Classic Rock Dance Music by Bruce Scofield & Mark Feller

Fri. 10/3
“The Equalites” – 9:30-11:30 pm


Thur 10/9 “The Surly Temple” 8-10:30 pm

Jim Henry, Guy DeVito, & Doug Plavin

Fri. 10/10
“Barrett Anderson” – 9-11:30 pm

Renegade Blues!

Fri. 10/17
“Josh Levangie & The Pistoleros”  9-11:30pm

Outlaw Country!

Sat. 10/25
“Free Range Cats” 9-11:30 pm

Jazz & Groove Music

Sun. 11/23
“Jim Matus”- 9-11pm

Solo laoutar/ World Fusion/Jazz/Trance Jam

TBA “Trailer Park”  9-11:30pm

Dual sax-attack rock, rhythm & blues that will keep you dancing all night long!

TBA “The Rogues” – 9-11:30 pm

“Traditional Irish, Americana,  Bluegrass, Dylan, The Band and More”

TBA “Carrie Ferguson & Friends” – 9-11:30 pm

“Soaring folk-pop with catchy melodies and smart, beautiful lyrics”

TBA “Sean Callaghan & Gene Christy” – 8-10:30 pm 

An Irish Singalong

TBA “Soul Prophet & The Faithless Few”  9-11:30pm


TBA “Katie Sachs & Dave Dersham” – 8-10:30 pm

“Jazz-Influenced Indie Rock / Acoustic Indie Folk”

TBA “Zydeco Connection”- 9-11pm


TBA “Pat Jones & Charlie Shew” 8-10pm

20th Century Roots Music

TBA “The Mark Nomad Band” – 9-11:30 pm

“A highly dance-able mix of blues, funk and beyond”

TBA “The Rambling Kind”- 9-11:30pm

Blue Grass

TBA “Maris Otter” – 8-10 pm

Original Folk-Rock by Alyssa Kelly & Jen Spingla

TBA “Village Hill” – 9:30-11:30pm

Jazz / Rock / Eclectic Fusion

TBA “The Gurus of Blues”


TBA “Nobody’s Fat”  9-11:30pm

Techno Jazz Trio

TBA  ”Petty Thieves”  9-11:30 pm

Blue Grass at it’s roots

TBA   “AlbinoTree”  9-11:30 pm

Featuring Guy DeVito, Al Guimaraes & Billy Klock

“Jukin’”- 9-11:30 pm