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patscutari @ 5:01 pm

Da Deja News : We got Lefty’s Brewing Co. brews coming up. ARE U THIRSTY! Do You Love Beer. Can you hear me know?

Brooklyn Brewery Chocolate Stout: Yummy. At a whooping 9% February is feeling warm.

Lagunitas: We love this California brewery and its tasty IPA

Smuttynose Brown Dog Ale: Arf Arf This is a rock solid brown ale from our New Hampshire neighbor to the north.

Steel Rail Pale Ale The flagship beer of Berkshire Brewing, yet another local brewery

Guinness You can have it straight up or ask for a black and tan. Anyway you pour it is all Guinness all the time. 4.1% 125 calories

Stella Artois Better than Bud

Coffeehaus Porter -On nitro no less. This Berkshire Brewing Company dark and cream porter packed with beans roasted at our local hero Dean’s Beans is simply marvelous

Deja Brew Pub & Cafe has dedicated taps to Guinness and Stella Artois or Peroni. This week Stella. Berkshire Brewing Company’s Steel Rail Pale Ale is always on tap.

Up coming Beers On Tap:

Wandering Star Brewery’s Saison: This 6.3% Belgian Farmhouse Ale is made with all local ingredients after the Feds tried to make Mass brewers use in state ingredients. Good thing Valley Malt is right down the road.